Hello! I want to talk a little about myself…

Many of the tourists I accompany during my guided tours ask me how I became a guide, and why I chose this profession.
For many it seems strange that there is a job that can be done having fun, and that it does not even seem, to tell the truth, a real job…
So I questioned myself, I never really thought about it:

Why did I become a tour guide?

Three things are certain:

1. I’ve always been curious

2. I’ve always liked to travel

3. I love to know and discover


I think that it’s a “fault” of my parents, who, since I was a child, have taken me “around”, traveling to Italy and Europe. They passed me the passion for travel, the ability to adapt, the curiosity towards other peoples, customs, cultures.

So, to weigh ourselves well, my passion for foreign languages was certainly born first. I speak 3 languages, apart Italian, and when people ask me how I learned them… well, thanks to travel! I was lucky enough to participate in two European exchange programs during and immediately after university, and so I learned French and Spanish. For English: I honestly don’t know! School, friends, songs, movies… Once again, travel!

But there is also a strictly practical reason for choosing my job: I found myself, at the age of 35, after years of work as an architect, suddenly unemployed, and mother of two children.

In fact I had chosen Architecture as a path of studies (and I loved it – architecture remains one of my passions, and is still part of my current everyday life).

And so, spurred on by my sister-in-law, who had taken the test to be a guide a few years earlier, thinking of my knowledge of languages as an important resource, I rolled up my sleeves and prepared the exam…

How I passed the exam to become a tour guide

What a struggle, guys! Imagine a dense program – all the museums of Sicily, cities, history, archaeology, geography of the territory, traditions, architecture, art – and having to study in the evening, after putting the children to sleep, after a day of work (because I was working in an language school at the time).

Devastating. But so interesting!

I have always studied, in my life: I like to read, know, discover, as I have already told you.
And then, there was a world opening up in front of me, and I slowly realized that this was the right way.

It was July of 2017. I passed the exam, in front of a commission of university professors who complimented me on how I spoke languages (great satisfaction!) and gave me the long-awaited “license”.

I immediately started working that summer, and thanks to my first experiences I realized that I loved to transfer my knowledge to foreign travelers who came to Sicily.

In fact, I can add a fourth point to the list:

1. I’ve always been curious

2. I’ve always liked to travel

3. I love to know and discover

4. I like to share

So, you understand well that my job, which includes all four of these points, is the best job in the world, and I do it with pleasure, passion, serenity and happiness….
Then, during a hike on Etna, it happens that I stop in front of a breathtaking view and I say: “Here, this is my office!”.

So, I realize I’m very, very lucky.

That’s it. This is my story.

If you want to leave comments, ask me something, or share with friends, please go ahead!

And, if you are planning a nice holiday in Sicily for the next year, don’t hesitate to contact me… I’m a local expert! I could help you to organize your staying and book hotels and restaurants for you, and lead you through unforgettable experiences…. 

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